Best tree donation non-profit ideas 2023

best tree donation non-profit 2023

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Ok, so who doesn’t want to have their forest, right? Sounds impressive, wandering around in your plot of forest land. Discovering all the trees, plants, and wildlife growing and living in the area. Having a picnic with yourself or your loved ones and just laying back. Great! We are here to tell you two things. First, creating your tree donation forest is easier than you might think. Though this will still not be your forest, you may never see the donated trees with your own eyes. BUT (the second thing), without planting more trees in this world, the forest dream might never even happen in the first place. The human population is rapidly depleting the woodlands on this earth, and there is still not enough replenishment for this depletion. So let’s get moving! Let’s discuss how you can donate your (first) trees and create a forest for the benefit of yourself and everyone else on this planet. For fun, if you want to own and maintain your forest without donating it, we have included a paragraph especially for that too. So keep on reading!

Best tree planting charity list:

  1. Tree-Nation. You might have heard of this excellent tree donation nonprofit organization before. Tree-Nation is one of the first movers to make a wholly digital platform around the tree donation process. With Tree-Nation, you even get a brand new tree certificate every time you plant a tree. What’s more, you will get extensive information about the tree species (including a picture), the planting location, and information about who is planting your tree. And even the opportunity to contact the ones who planted your tree! Much like social media primarily for tree planting. Also, you can plant trees in the name of someone else (for example, one of your clients) with a text message. Great opportunity for client relationship management and even external public relations management. Overall: very well done Tree-Nation. Curious to see how such a forest might look? See, for example, our own (humble) forest in this link. Tree-Nation homepage
  2. Grow-Trees. Looking for a great organization to quickly and responsibly donate your trees? Look no further. Grow-Trees has everything in-house that you need. You even get an eTreeCertificate™! Grow-Trees makes it easy to give trees as a gift to anyone you would like, from a customer, client, colleague, friend, or family member. Grow-Trees has got you covered for each occasion. Grow-Trees is based in India and has a fantastic team. With more than 18 million trees planted in 23 different states, we can say they belong to one of the more enormous tree-planting non-profits. And we can keep on counting! We can vouch for Grow-Trees! Contact us if you have any questions or want us to help you set up an account with Grow-Trees. Grow-Trees homepage
  3. Another fantastic tree-planting organization in India is SankalpTaru. Like Tree-Nation, it uses advanced technology to make growing and keeping track of planted trees easy. They even use blockchain technology to keep track of the forests; pretty impressive! They have a unique program for corporates, so if you are part of a more prominent company, it is worth looking into this organization. As with Grow-Trees and Tree-Nation, at SankalpTaru, the donator will get a unique tree certificate for each donation. Interested? Check out their fantastic team and get in touch! Need our help? Please don’t hesitate to ask!SankalpTaru homepage

Buying your own forest

As promised, we will include a small paragraph about buying your forest. However, we are no specialists in buying real estate and (forest) land as a specialized WordPress Maintenance and development agency. But here is an example of a platform you might want to explore before buying your forest plot in the United States: For some people, it is fantastic to own their forest, though we can advise doing proper research before you buy a plot of land for this purpose. But, of course, nothing can stop you from donating your forest first, right? So we are here to help if you have any questions.


So you might wonder. Does tree planting have anything to do with WordPress maintenance and development? While the two do not overlap much, the process behind it does. Because as a business and website owner with many visitors, people will look up to you and want to follow your example. If you start donating and planting your forest first, you can spread the word and make it a status quo! Which is what the world needs at this moment. So let’s get going :). Moreover, it can help in customer and client relationship management and is an excellent conversation starter at the office. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions about this subject.

What are the best tree donation charities?

While in our eyes, all tree donation charities in this world who are doing their work correctly are the best. We made a list of the best charities we are aware of. Feel free to contact us if you need any advice.

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