Best tree donation non-profit ideas 2024.

best tree donation non-profit 2024

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With the woodlands in our world rapidly depleting, our planet needs more trees. Climate change is increasingly felt on our planet and might only worsen. This will affect nature and our whole ecosystem, including our economies, our social life, and even our survival. These adverse outcomes might lead to more destructive outcomes, creating a vicious cycle. Hence, we need to take action now. To break this cycle and create a livable earth for ourselves and future generations.

When it comes to reforestation and planting new trees, the world relies heavily on the work of pioneering nonprofits who take on this job. In order to help them find new donors and help you find the proper organization for planting trees, we have compiled a list of the best tree-planting charities. If you know another great tree-planting nonprofit organization, please feel free to contact us, and we will gladly look into it!

Best tree planting charity list:

1. Tree-Nation

You might have heard of this excellent tree donation nonprofit organization before. Tree-Nation is one of the first movers to make a wholly digital platform around the tree donation process. With Tree-Nation, you even get a brand new tree certificate every time you plant a tree. What’s more, you will get extensive information about the tree species (including a picture), the planting location, and information about who is planting your tree. And even the opportunity to contact the ones who planted your tree! Much like social media primarily for tree planting. Also, you can plant trees in the name of someone else (for example, one of your clients) with a text message. This is an excellent opportunity for client relationship management and external public relations management. Overall: very well done Tree-Nation. Are you curious to see how such a forest might look? See, for example, our own (humble) forest in this link.

Tree-Nation homepage

2. Grow-Trees

Looking for a great organization to quickly and responsibly donate your trees? Look no further. Grow-Trees has everything in-house that you need. You even get an eTreeCertificate™! Grow-Trees makes it easy to give trees as a gift to anyone you would like, from a customer, client, colleague, friend, or family member. Grow-Trees has got you covered for each occasion. Grow-Trees is based in India and has a fantastic team. With more than 18 million trees planted in 23 different states, we can say they belong to one of the more enormous tree-planting non-profits. And we can keep on counting! We can vouch for Grow-Trees!

Grow-Trees homepage

3. JustDiggit

“Cooling down the planet together” is their motto. And we agree with it. By unifying and bundling our powers as humanity, we can take on the enormous challenge of global warming. With over 13,9 million trees planted so far, 380.000 acres of land restored, 315.000 water bunds dug, 291 million people reached with awareness campaigns, and 12 grass seed banks created, we can say they are an impressive environmental nonprofit organization! For the reforestation and natural perseverance projects, they are mainly active in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

JustDiggit homepage
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4. Tree Aid

This impressive organization is doing great work by having planted over 30 million trees until now and having restored and protected over 171.000 acres of land, all while helping to support more than 1.500 enterprise groups. Being active in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Niger and Senegal, this organization has an extensive reach and great environmental influence in the region.

tree donation Best tree donation non-profit ideas 2024.
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5. SankalpTaru

Another great tree-planting organization in India is SankalpTaru. Like Tree-Nation, it uses advanced technology to make growing and keeping track of planted trees easy. They even use blockchain technology to keep track of the forests; that’s pretty impressive! They have a unique program for corporates, so if you are part of a more prominent company, it is worth looking into this organization. As with Grow-Trees and Tree-Nation, at SankalpTaru, the donator will get a unique tree certificate for each donation. Interested? Check out their fantastic team and get in touch!

SankalpTaru homepage


As a business and website owner, your visitors will hopefully admire and want to follow your example. If you start donating and planting your forest first, you can spread the word and make it a status quo! Which is what the world needs at this moment. So let’s get going :). Moreover, it can help in customer and client relationship management and is an excellent conversation starter at the office. Please feel free to ask us any questions about this subject.


What are the best tree donation charities?

While in our eyes, all tree donation charities in this world who are doing their work correctly are the best. We made a list of the best charities we are aware of. Feel free to contact us if you need any advice.

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